Nathan Nathan Nebula Fire Runner's Headlamp

Nathan Nathan Nebula Fire Runner's Headlamp

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  • STEEL GREY 0198-00
  • RIO RED 0184-00

The Nathan Nebula Fire Runners' Headlamp is built for the late evening (or early morning) runner. This headlamp features Nathan's RunWave and Auto-Strobe technology for an easy and safe running experience, regardless of the hour. The RunWave technology allows you to change the light setting during your run by simply waving your hand in front of the headlamp. This removes the change in stride that occurs as you fumble to change the light mode. The Auto-Strobe sensor picks up ambient light from highly populated areas, such as the headlights of a vehicle, and activates a safety strobe to help keep you safe and visible. Nathan's Run-Right Light LED allows you to see objects near and far. This high-output LED produces over 190 lumens of light, and offers 5 lighting modes to adapt to your various lighting needs.

Features & Benefits

•1 LED provides up to 192 lumens to keep you going during low-light conditions •Auto-Strobe™ sensor detects high levels of light, such as vehicle headlights, and activates a strobe for increased visibility in high traffic areas •RunWave™ sensor allows runner to change headlamp mode with a simple wave of the hand •Run-Right Light floods light near and far for increased visibility as you run •3 Control settings allow runner to customize their run (Manual, Manual + Auto-Strobe, RunWave + Auto-Strobe) •5 lighting modes allow runner to adapt to various low-light conditions (Low, Medium, High, Sprint, and Strobe) •Sprint mode is active for 3 minute intervals •Strobe mode produces 80 Lumens •Lithium-Ion battery recharges easily via standard USB •Recharges a fully depleted battery in approximately 5 hours •Adjustable headlamp angle •Adjustable, soft headband to help move moisture as you sweat •Included USB cable for recharge •Water-resistant (IPX4)

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