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Footwear Guide

As runners we all know how important it is to have that perfect shoe. We also know how varied our training needs are from endurance to strength to speed training. All of these types of training have different demands on our bodies, so specific footwear options are needed. Are the shoes the most vital part of our training though or is it the run itself?

We believe it's both.

Footwear is all about comfort and support but with so many configurations within the standard Neutral, Stabiity and Motion Control categories, how do you choose the best shoes for each of your training runs? We offer a measure of cushioning, stability and weight for all of the shoes in out footwear collections to help guide you and narrow down the options to get the right fit for your running needs.

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Shoe Types

Neutral      Stability       Motion-Control       Trail      Racing


With varying levels of cushioning, neutral shoes provide a comfortable ride for runners who don’t need any additional stability features.

Best Last: Curved-lasted shoe for low or moderate rear foot stability.

Best Shoes: Cushioning shoes with a flexible forefoot and soft/firm midsole. Feet and ankles roll to the outside. Arches are high and/or rigid. Knee remains in a neutral position or moves outwards through footstrike. Shoe wears along he outside of the sole.

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For runners who like a little more support. A stability shoe features a denser foam or post under the arch to keep your foot in place.

Best Last: Semi-curved.

Best Shoes: Stability shoes with moderate control features, such as moderate pronation control, moderate heel counters and a multi-density midsole. These features also provide extra cushioning and an excellent degree of stability. Normal sized arch. Runner lands on the outside of the heel and them moderately rolls inward (pronates). Semi-flexible are that requires varied degrees of support. Knees slightly roll in when bent.

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A trail shoe features thicker treads and tougher designs for greater traction and protection against the elements. Select styles are waterproof such as styles named GTX also known as GORE-TEX to further keep your feet protected.

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Motion Control

Substantial support for runners who have significantly collapsed arches. Heavy duty support calls for heavy duty cushioning to withstand the daily training regime and keep comfort the priority.

Best Last: Straight or semi-curved for maximum rear foot stability.

Best Shoes: Motion-control or strong stability shoes with firm midsoles. A wide landing base and control features, such as a strong, rigid heel counter, keep the heel secure and reduce the degree and rate of pronation. Additional extended multi-density posting on the medial side adds motion-control. Feet and ankles roll in (pronate) excessively. Low/flat arches. Knees move inward when bending. Midsole of shoe breaks down quickly.

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For the competitive athlete racing track or cross country. Lightweight, sleek and vary designs for different distances and surfaces. This style of shoe is made for speed.

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Tips for shoe buying

  1. Spend Time - Walk and run in the shoe. Don't buy shoes because they worked well for someone else. Test them out.
  2. Take Along Your Old Shoes, a pair of running socks & your orthotics. Our Running Room staff can "read" your wear pattern, and it is important to be fitted with the same sock you will run in.
  3. Tell Us about your running history, goals, past injuries, the type of training you do, and what has/has not worked for you in the past.
  4. Gait Analysis - Whether you have a rigid or flexible foot, a low or high arch, or are flat-footed, makes a difference as to which shoe type will best suit you.
  5. Comfort - Pressure spots or loose fitting shoes will be susceptible to blisters. If your foot slides excessively, you will also lose energy on the push off.
  6. A snug fit - Pull the laces so that you have a feeling of security without discomfort.
  7. Selecting The Right "Last" (Footbed construction) - All shoes are constructed over a form called a "last". The three predominant shapes today are the straight, curved and semi-curved. If you have a curved foot and wear a straight shoe, you will feel pressure on the inside of your big toe, and you will tend to roll off the outside of the shoe.
  8. The Selection Process - Our sales associates will assit you in selecting two or three models in a category that will work best for your footstrike. Compare several models for proper fit as you walk or run in each of the shoes; at some point the shoes will choose you.
  9. Running in cross trainers or aerobic shoes? Running shoes are designed for a forward motion and cushion the impact specific to running. Cross trainers and Aerobic shoes are designed for more lateral support and toe flexibility. If you use them as your running shoes, you will risk injury.
  10. When to buy a new pair? Often a shoe's upper is still in great shape, but the cushioning and motion control has been lost. A test? Mark the date that you bought your shoes, and drop by the Running Room after you have logged approximately 800km or 500 miles to compare your old shoes with a new pair. The key to keeping off the injury list is to replace your shoes once they begin to wear or break down.


Be Inspired, challenge yourself. Pick an event goal for yourself.

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